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A Historical Retrospective

David "DJ" Riel

// DJ and Vinyl Collector


Spurning from the heyday's of the mod revival in the 1960's, the Steel City Soul Club was formed in the Fall of 1999 with the sole intention to bring back the melodies long forgotten and create a new era of memories from some of the best decades in music creation.  David "DJ" RIel has hosted numerous one-nighters, all nighters, and regular dance nights in and around the city of Pittsburgh, including the wildly popular Restless! and Revival! Soul nights that took place throughout the 2000's and early 2010's,. David has and continues to spin numerous events regionally and internationally, with many looking for that special "something" to add to their event or party.


As an avid collector of lost and forgotten music, the record collection ranges across a vast array of music from the 60's to the 80's focusing on northern, crossover and modern soul, R&B, funk, reggae and ska, latin boogaloo and salsa, 60's europeon pop from France, Italy, Britain and beyond, as well as all of the popular tracks you all know and love produced through some of the most influential record labels such as Stax/Volt in Memphis and Motown/Gordy in Detroit. With 25+ years of DJ'ing, record collecting, and an ear for the finest tracks, David has given Pittsburgh and the world yet another avenue to "keep the fire burning" in some of the most floorfilling tracks to keep you moving through the midnight hour!

Guests @ The Steel City Soul Club

// DJ's, dancers, collectors and romancers


Over the years the SCSC has been honored to provide decks to some of the worlds best collectors and DJ's of classic dancefloor hits. We're always looking to network and trade music with those that share the passion, so be sure to reach out and connect!

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